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Top 5 Things That Make A Wedding Reception Great

Top 5 Things That Make A Wedding Reception Great

Top 5 Things That Make A Wedding Reception Great

Contrary to popular belief, most wedding guests are looking for more than a stunning bride in picturesque white. They want exquisite food, a bit of flair, foot stomping music, all set in an epic backdrop that boasts views, comfort and style. Cascades at The Colony looks to provide brides (and grooms) with a setting that can host and facilitate every wedding fantasy you have.

Top Fives Ways to WOW your Reception Guests:

  1. Create different areas in the venue. Having a system in place that provides guests with a specific card and gift area, cocktail area, dinner and dance area and even a lounge area lets guests flow through the event seamlessly and be aware of their surroundings. Guests enjoy knowing their limitations and where they can roam in a reception. Make things clear with handcrafted calligraphy signs and a system that navigates the guests through the wedding experience.
  2. Add personal touches to your wedding venue. Cascades in the Colony comes beautifully decorate in a scheme that coordinates with a wide range of design styles and colors. Incorporating personal touches into your wedding venue provides an ‘extra mile’ attitude that your guests will see and feel as soon as they walk through the doors. Do you and your partner like to travel? Add a map with table numbers being different locations you’ve been to.
  3. The added touch. Whether it be a signature cocktail bar, a unique display of sushi or a photo booth with props, there are numerous ways to spice up the guests (and your!) experience at your wedding. Spice things up a notch by creating an experience for your guests that goes beyond the traditional theme. Have a favorite food? Take it to the next level by providing bite sized snacks that are cute and practical.
  4. Don’t skip on food! Long afternoons at a ceremony, followed by a cocktail hour and boozy dinner can lead to guests needing a quick pick-me-up after the reception. Provide small bites when dancing is winding down to refuel your guests and soak up a few of those wine spritzers and champagne flutes.
  5. Don’t stress! Leave a majority of the planning and organizing to your wedding coordinator, and wedding venue team. The big day is about you feeling comfortable, laid back and relaxed, all while feeling beautiful and at home. A wedding venue can provide all these feelings to you and your guests with the implementation of a few personal touches, good music and even better food.

Wedding venues in the Colony can be hard to come by, yet Cascades in the Colony makes your search easy, with luxury amenities that showcase everything the modern-day bride in Dallas is seeking. Now, sit back, share your wedding dreams and allow Cascades in the Colony to make your dreams come true. Precision Investment Casting

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